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Don’t Get the Shaft; Get Shaft Collars!

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Some strength equipment companies are reselling shaft collars under the name Allan collars and marking them up three to four times the cost. The shaft collar is a steel ring collar loaded with an allen head screw with shallow splits in the radius causing the steel ring to constrict once the screw is tightened with an allen wrench (1/4-28 screw size).

These collars come in a variety of bore (center hole) sizes, 1″, 1-1/8″, 2″ diameter, etc. (Figure A). Their original application is to center and hold a pulley sheave onto a center rod (Figure B) in an industrial setting, but they are also perfect for barbell and dumbbell collars (Figure C). In addition, shaft collars have many other applications in producing strength-training equipment.

Photo 1

Illustration of described shaft collars.

Drawing by Chris “Sticks” Bostick. All rights reserved.

I purchased a lot of 10 shaft collars for $1.75 each from Fastenal. They are also available from Global Industrial, M.S.C. Industrial Supply, McMaster-Carr, etc. Shop around and I’m sure you’ll beat the price of $29.95 for four pieces one reseller I know SHAFTS people for! We’ll shaft him back. LOL!

Chris “Sticks” Bostick,
MOI contributing writer