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Bosticks’ Prescription for Bigger Deltoids and Stronger Forearms

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The mighty Norse hammer man begs you – don’t buy hammers through the mail order!!! The typical cost of shipping one of these is $35.00. That’s more than the cost of a 10# sledge with a 30″ handle at your local big box. Two would be around 50 bucks. When you’re not banging an imported POS bench back into square with one, you could take an intense shoulder and forearm workout.

Photo 1

Depiction of exercises you can do with a pair of sledge hammers.

Drawing by Chris “Sticks” Bostick. All rights reserved.

Figures A, B, and C above show hammers in place of dumbbells for front, side, and rear delt raises. Figure D shows front and rear forearm leverage moves. To adjust the weight: choke up the handle to go lighter, or move down the handle to make things heavier. By the time you’re at the end of a 30″ handle, with moves totally under control, you’ll have rotator cuffs of steel and a “tear your heart out” grip. When not training, use em’ for building equipment and doing chores. I’m back to Vahalla dudes!

Chris “Sticks” Bostick,
MOI contributing writer