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Get Stronger with Static Holds

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Very rarely do you run into a movement that can be used both to demonstrate and to build strength at the same time. One example of such a rarity is the static hold. You can use dumbbells, kettle bells, or buckets of sand like shown in the image above. The Marine Corps and martial artists have used this special exercise as a shoulder strengthener for years. You could add it in after your overhead pressing is done for the day. A single 30-second set should do it. If you get over 35 ticks, add 2-3 pounds of more sand or gravel to your 2-5 gallon sheet-rock mud bucket and shoot for 30 seconds. Pad the handle to save the old palms. Great for the grip, delts, and your concentration.

Photo 1

Cartoon drawing of a shirtless 'bodybuilder' with long braided hair holding two filled buckets in stretched out arms, one to each side.

The static-hold lateral raise is a superb exercise for building huge and powerful delts. Drawing by Chris “Sticks” Bostick. All rights reserved.

Chris “Sticks” Bostick,
MOI contributing writer