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Build a Strong Neck with this Four-Way-Tension Exercise

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After the major compound portion of a weight routine is completed you see guys hit the abs or forearms at the end, but rarely the neck. Take a few minutes and perform the exercise illustrated above for 10 reps with resistance in each direction for your neck. As your arms and shoulder girdle increase in strength you have automatic “built-in” resistance increases for your tensions. When you are ready for stronger stuff, check out Rob’s and Logan’s neck-building articles [currently not available; scheduled for revision] right here on MOI.

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Cartoon drawing of shirtless bodybuilder with large curled mustache looking at depictions of himself and exclaiming, 'Either I'm neck training or I just got my tax bill!'

The four-way tension exercise can be used as a primary neck builder or to provide a warm-up for more advanced movements, such as the wrestler bridge. Drawing by Chris “Sticks” Bostick. All rights reserved.

Chris “Sticks” Bostick,
MOI contributing writer