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A Terrific Hold-Out Exercise for Greater Strength and Stamina

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Reading the recent post about hold–outs by Chris Bostick reminded me that they were for many years a part of my conditioning for martial arts. I also read that this was how Joe Greenstein, “The Mighty Atom,” started his strength training.

For our application in the martial arts, we would put water in buckets and walk back and forth while trying our best not to have any spills. Inevitably, as we became fatigued our arms would sag and the water would go all over us. Gradually, however, we could increase the time we could go without spilling the water.

Photo 1

Relatively few activities can match walking with a water-filled bucket for building strength and stamina. Drawing by Chris “Sticks” Bostick. All rights reserved.

Thanks is given to Mr. Bostick for interpreting my recollection of the bucket exercise we practiced and rendering it in the fine drawing shown above.

Peter Yates,
MOI contributing writer