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The Murray Weight Bench with Barbell Uprights

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As I promised in my previous post, here are a couple conceptual drawings of the Murray Weight Bench with barbell uprights added. I think that this Olympic–style bench would look great in any gym.

Well, that’s it for today; it’s time to head to the MOI Dungeon and do heavy one–arm presses — Doug Hepburn style!

Yours in Strength and Health,
Robert Drucker

Photo 1

The Murray Bench is an Olympic style bench made from wood.  This figure depicts a heavy barbell being supported on the uprights of the bench.

The Murray Bench with barbell uprights. Design and drawing by R. Drucker.

Photo 2

Back view of the Murray bench which depicts how the barbell uprights are secured to the frame.

Back view of the Murray Bench. Design and drawing by R. Drucker.