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The Squat Frame Apparatus

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During a recent visit in England, strength writer Peter Yates met up with Kevin Fitzerald, a fellow lifter and author of Deafness of the Mind — The Forgotten Children of Boston Spa.

After training together, Kevin kindly gave Peter a very special and personal gift — his homemade squat frame. Below, at left, is a close–up photograph of the apparatus, and at right is Peter squatting with it. Note how the squat frame gives you freedom to do deep knee bends without holding onto the barbell with your hands, greatly aiding comfort and focus.

Yours in strength and health,
Robert Drucker

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The squat frame apparatus described in this post is a harness that rests over the shoulders and supports a barbell for hands-free squatting.

The squat frame apparatus. Designed and built by Kevin Fitzerald. Photographs courtesy of Peter Yates.