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The Muscle Builder

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Here are a couple more drawings from my Youngstown State University archive folder. Both illustrations are versions of “The Muscle Builder,” and I only wish I would have built a variant of this apparatus when I was younger. Anyway, anybody with a bit of imagination can find endless ways to build strength, muscle, and power with these machines, especially when add–ons are considered. Note, for example, the calf machine add–on depicted in the top illustration. With this set–up, you hold onto the barbell with your hands while you do calf raises. You end up with monster forearms, a powerful grip, a back of steel, and super–sized calves all in one shot. Super chin–up apparatus and back builder, too.

Yours in strength and health,
Rob Drucker

Photo 1

A wooden power rack designed for doing multiple exercises.

Photo 2

An expanded version of the power rack described in the previous figure.