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A New Super Grip-Building Article from Peter Yates

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I am very pleased to announce that Peter Yates, an established strength writer, martial arts expert, and fitness guru, has written a new killer article for MOI. Peter’s new work thoroughly explains how to build your grip and wrists by implementing six relatively forgotten exercises into your training routine. These six “lost” grip builders were once commonly practiced in traditional martial arts, and Peter has brought them back to life for all of us to benefit from.

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Peter Yates with bodybuilder legend, Dan Lurie .

Peter Yates (right) posing with bodybuilding legend and television star Dan Lurie, circa 2011. Photograph courtesy of Peter Yates.

Peter’s new article is absolutely terrific, and I urge you to give it a read. It is so refreshing to see meaningful journalism back in the iron world. I do not know what I would do without people like Peter and a few others who are 100% devoted to real strength training and genuine reporting — sadly a rarity.

Please join me in thanking Peter for a job well done. Here is the link to his new article:

How to Build a Powerful Grip

Yours in strength and health,
Robert Drucker