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This Site is in Memory of...

Ralph Cameron
Chris Bostick
Hank Darnell
Mike Mentzer
Clarence Harrison
Allen Nickell

Ralph Cameron (1926 - 2013)

The man who introduced me to weight-lifting and taught me the value of hard work.

Chris ‘Sticks’ Bostick (1951 - 2019)

A friend who was always willing to help somebody in need and whose art work was extraordinary.

Hank Darnell (1919 - 1996)

Founder of the defunct Darnell Body Building Studio in Louiville, KY and a firm advocate of the “York” methods of weight training.

Mike Mentzer (1951 - 2001)

A former Mr. Universe who popularized the HIT methods developed by Arthur Jones and introduced the world to “Heavy-Duty” training.

Clarence Harrison (1929 - 2009)

Born with little, he overcame seemingly impenetrable barriers to win Mr. Kentucky and become a “Million-Dollar” salesperson.

Allan Nickell (1933 - 2017)

A close friend who was a state weightifting champion, a dedicated soil scientist, and a devoted Pastor.

Site Purpose

Muscles of Iron (MOI) promotes bodybuilding as it was practiced during the Golden-Age of Physical Culture. During this period, from the start of the 20th century up until about the mid 1950s, the lifting world was drug-free and dominated by bare-boned, rugged, and highly effective training.

During the golden age, emphasis was on gaining real strength and building functional muscle with heavy and basic training. This was an era when gym members pushed heavy barbells and did a variety of bodyweight exercises to build truly powerful physiques. This was a time before drugs infiltrated the Iron Game. This was a time before glamorous and shiny gadgets filled our gyms. This was a time when REAL he-men dominated the physical culture scene. John Grimek, Siegmund Klein, Steve Stanko, John Davis, Clarence Ross, Doug Hepburn, and Reg Park were just a few of these mighty and powerful men.

What were the secrets possessed by the old-time strongmen? How did they build so much muscle, strength, and power—without any modern day conveniences and trappings? What training methods and techniques did they use to strengthen their tendons and ligaments into steel-like chords? How did they build a vise-like grip? You will discover the answers to these questions and many more right here at MOI. This site will take you back to the Golden Age of Strength. Welcome aboard.

Robert Drucker

Meet the Site Architect

Hi, I'm Robert Drucker, founder and developer of Muscles of Iron. I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky (USA) and got my start in weight training at the age of 13. My early training was greatly influenced by Ralph Cameron, father of a friend and third-place finisher in the 1949 Mr. Louisville physique contest. Mr. Cameron became my mentor and taught me a great deal about old-time physical culture. This led to my influence by many past bodybuilding champions, including John Grimek, Steve Reeves, and Reg Park.

Robert Drucker

While a Junior in high school, I extensively studied the works of Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer, both advocates of the HIT style of weight training. In 1979, I took first place in the Teenage Mr. Kentuckiana (Kentucky and Indiana) physique competition. Credit for this win is given to both Cameron and Mentzer.

After graduating from Youngstown State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering, I met a super-strong fellow named Brooks Kubik in an old dungeon-like gym in Louisville. From that day forward, I been a big fan of Brooks and Dinosaur Training, his brand of old-time lifting.

Recently, I retired from the chemical industry after working over 20 years as an engineer and manager. I am now focusing on a new career as a full-stack website developer. I am also resuming a heavy body-building program after a seven-year layoff from the gym. This comeback is being fueled by High Voltage Training, my own formula of muscle building with strong ties to my weight-lifting roots. Currently, my family and I reside in Charleston, South Carolina.