Muscles of Iron


Doug Hepburn and the One Arm Press

Discover how Doug Hepburn, one of the strongest men who ever lived, used the One Arm Press to increase his overhead lifting ability and win Olympic gold.

Close Encounters with Brooks Kubik

Brooks is a renowned strength coach and the author of Dinosaur Training. Here are personal reflections about this remarkable man and many observed lessons of successful living.

A Dirty Dozen

Fitness expert Paul Wade details how to build health, strength, muscle, stamina, and power almost anywhere. No gym needed; no special equipment needed. Really awesome stuff.

John Grimek's Chest Building Secrets

Learn from a two-time Mr. America how to add inches to your chest girth, establish super health and energy, and pack on pounds of new muscle over your entire frame.

How Reg Park Built His Rugged Neck

Make no mistake about it, the neck is the true indicator of one's strength. Follow Reg Park's lead, and you too can have a neck that portrays vigor and power.

In Honor of a Taoist Master

Sifu Share K. Lew was an expert instructor of Kung Fu and the healing arts. Here, Peter Yates reflects on the Shaolin wisdom his teacher taught him. Many priceless life lessons here.

How to Build a Powerful Grip

Peter Yates demonstrates six ancient exercises for strengthening your wrists, turning your fingers into pillars of steel, and building a vice-like grip.

Chris “Sticks” Bostick as I Knew Him

Chris was a talented artist, powerlifter, designer of strength equipment, and long-time contributor to the Iron Game. This is a tribute in memory of my friend and former colleague.

Clarence Harrison—A Strength Hero

Despite a humble beginning, Clarence became an accomplished bodybuilder and a “Million–Dollar” salesperson. This tribute reflects upon his life and how he overcame great odds.