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Chris Paul BostickAs I Knew Him

Chris Paul Bostick

Chris Paul Bostick, nicknamed ‘Sticks,’ was a friend, artist, iron athlete, and brilliant designer and builder of strength-building equipment. Tragically, he passed away on May 3, 2019 after a long illness. This article is a tribute to Sticks and a personal reflection upon of his unique and special personality.


Clarence HarrisonLegacy of a Strength Hero

Clarence Harrison

Despite a humble beginning, Clarence Harrison became an accomplished bodybuilder, a revered family man, and a “Million–Dollar” salesperson before passing away at the age of 83. This tribute article reflects on the life of Mr. Harrison, and it tells how he overcame great odds to rise to the top in his chosen endeavors. There are many important success lessons revealed in this one!


Close Encounters with Brooks Kubik

Brooks Kubik

Brooks Kubik is the author of Dinosaur Training and an accomplished attorney, wrestler, and drug-free powerlifting champion. This article reflects on my close encounters with Brooks and reveals my personal observations about this remarkable man. It is a story not only for muscle-building enthusiasts, but for anybody seeking to overcome difficulties and succeed in life.


Doug Hepburn and the One Arm PressHis Secret Weapon for Building Pressing Power

Doug Hepburn

In the early 1950s, Doug Hepburn was the King of strength, and perhaps nobody understood how to develop pressing power better than he did. One of his secret weapons for increasing his overhead lifting ability was the One Arm Press, and he used this exercise to help him set a new world record and win Olympic gold. This article details Hepburn's use of the One Arm Press, and it explains how you too can use this remarkable movement to “powerize” your entire body, pack your shoulders with new muscle, and push your press weight sky-high.