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A Simple Weight Rack

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Here's a very simple barbell rack I built for a friend of mine last year. Just cut pipe (chop saw), deburr with a hand rotary tool, and double up on a 3/4-inch plywood base with 3/8 x 3 12 inch bolts recessed on the base bottom. My friend uses a 310-pound Olympic set and is a squat/press/pull-up type of guy. He says this rack is perfect for him, and, when he's not lifting, his wife hangs washed clothes on it! The rack easily assembles or disassembles with a simple Allen wrench.

Illustration of a simple barbell rack made from pipe and fastened together with Kee Klamps.
This simple power rack is ideally suited for heavy pressing, pull-ups, heel raises with a barbell, and more. Additionally, the Kee-Klamp design allows for the barbell to be easily adjusted to any desired height within the design range. Drawing by and courtesy of Chris ‘Sticks’ Bostick.

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