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No, we are not after any cold ones yet! The “end-of-the-bar” single-arm row is one great movement for a big area of muscle real estate. Some guys plant the end of the barbell in the corner of the room. I prefer placing the unloaded end on a towel on top of my flat bench for a little elevation (see illustration below).

Illustrations of the 'end-of-the-bar' row exercise for building a stronger back.
Although not commonly practiced, the “end-of-the-bar” one-arm row is a superb back builder. Drawing by and courtesy of Chris ‘Sticks’ Bostick.

A couple of sets, 8-12 reps each, of end-of-bar rows will fry the areas shown. You might want to fit this exercise into a routine this way:

  • Squats
  • Standing barbell or dumbbell press
  • End of the bar row
  • Swingbell pullover
  • Push-ups
  • Standing barbell or dumbbell curls
  • Deadlifts
  • Sit-ups

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