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Four-Way Neck Tension

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After the major compound portion of a weight-training routine is completed, you often see guys hit the abs or forearms, but rarely the neck. Take a few minutes and perform 10 reps with resistance in each direction for your neck, like shown in the figure below.

Illustration of how to build your neck by moving your head forward, backward, and to each side against opposing resistance from your hand.
Performing neck-tension movements at the end of your workout is a superb way to quickly strengthen and build your neck. Drawing by and courtesy of Chris ‘Sticks’ Bostick.

As your arms and shoulder girdle increase in strength, you have automatic “built-in” resistance increases for your tensions. When you are ready for strong stuff, look up Rob's neck-training article on MOI.

Note from from the editor:

The neck article that Sticks refers to above is currently unavailable, but it is scheduled to be updated and re-posted in the near future.

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