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Kee Klamp Rack

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Here's a little assembly drawing of the Kee-Klamp rack Rob. The weight adapters shown will fit your York plates and handle about 200# per side. With the adjustability you can point the weight arms toward you, at an angle, and use it for dips, set low for push-ups, and switch arms backward to hold the barbell for bench presses. It should be the cat's a$$ for inclines with your blue incline bench.

Illustration of a Kee Klamp Rack for muscle building.
The Kee-Klamp Rack functions as both a Harvey Maxime and a Yolk-Walk apparatus. By rotating its arms, it also serves as an adjustable-height barbell holder. Drawing by and courtesy of Chris ‘Sticks’ Bostick.

The beauty of this piece is it's versatility. it's great for pressing, squatting, dipping, and benching. Take your 3/4" pipe (weight holder) and your reduction couplings, put a 4-foot piece of 1 12-inch between them and you've got your fat grip bar for standard plates. This is all within the reach and understanding of anybody with basic building skills. When you tire of the design just grab your pipe wrench and make something else.

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