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Build a Squat/Bench Power RackUsing Kee Klamps

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The squat/bench press rack I present here is built from pipe and held together with Kee Klamps. The Kee Klamps fittings only require an Allen wrench for fastening, and each set screw can support 2,000 pounds when tightened properly. This is more than enough for a 400-pound barbell. Use of Kee Klamps also eliminate any need for welding or pipe drilling. All you need to do is cut the pipe to length, deburr, and clamp. Then, finish up by securing the rack assembly to a wooden base. See illustration below.

Illustration of bench and squat rack made from pipe and fastened together with Kee Klamps.
Drawing by and courtesy of Chris ‘Sticks’ Bostick.

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