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Yolk Walk Apparatus

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My buddy Stan wanted an economical "yolk-walk" apparatus. We made one out of static pipe fixtures and threaded pipe. With this apparatus, Stan can do the yolk walk, presses, quarter squats, half/full squats (with a step-up box), 45-degree horizontal pull-ups, incline presses, and more. He has had 440 pounds of plates on this muscle builder, and it seems that it would hold solid to at least 500 pounds.

Illustration of Yolk Walk Apparatus.
Commercial yolk walk devices can cost a small fortune, but you can build our own like the one depicted here for just a few clams. Drawing by and courtesy of Chris ‘Sticks’ Bostick.

Our yolk-walk machine quite resembles my Harvey Maxime apparatus. However, the yolk-walk device uses threaded pipe and fittings to secure connections, while the Harvey Maxime bar uses Kee Klamps to get the job done.

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